Telephone Scams

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Similar to credit card fraud, thieves may also use your identity and credit information to open a telephone service account in the victim’s name. This type of fraud is relatively easy to rectify but can still be a hassle. More likely, victims of telephone fraud have been scammed by a scam artist soliciting a donation for a fake charity or soliciting personal information in order to obtain the victim’s identity.

Separately, the integration of smart phones and online capabilities make these mobile devices highly susceptible to hackers and thieves with the right tools. With the amount of personal data stored and transmitted through smart phones, thieves with a little technological savvy can hit the identity theft jackpot.

Every year, hacker conferences draw large crowds of computer savvy geniuses into hotspots to attempt to infiltrate the latest and greatest technology. These conventions offer substantial cash and gift prizes for security breaches. Every year, the tech companies discover they have a long ways to go before they build impenetrable devices. In fact, many of these tech companies realize that the farther they advance with their technology, the farther tech-savvy thieves advance as well.