It Can Affect Anyone

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Identity theft can happen to anyone. Thieves do not necessarily take wealth, or lack thereof, into consideration when targeting a victim, nor do they consider your credit score. Essentially, identity theft is a crime of opportunity, and the more you leave yourself open to such opportunities, the more likely it is you’ll be targeted.

College students, professionals, unemployed people, and the elderly can all fall victim to security breaches or carelessness at times. Even without carelessness, we are all products of a digital age where much of our personal information is in the hands of numerous other people we can’t control.

Even cautious people may be unwittingly exposing themselves to criminals. Online shopping, social media, automated teller machines, and smart phones all lend themselves as tools to thieves. Additionally, people regularly lend their personal information to strangers in the form of resumes, displayed IDs, mailing information, and public internet usage. The routes into your personal life are virtually endless for a truly determined thief.