Increase Your Survival Chances

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To increase survival in an avalanche, always make sure that you never go to the slopes without your survival equipment. Some pieces of equipment can drastically increase your chances of survival, so make sure you invest in them. These usually include:

  1. HELMET – This is very important because most head injuries are the main cause of avalanche-related fatalities.
  2. SKIER’S AIR BAGS – In recent years, these have become very famous. They help keep the body afloat, making it possible for your body to move towards the surface, preventing you from becoming buried underneath snow.
  3. SMALL SHOVEL – This helps dig an air pocket around your face to allow you to breathe.
  4. AVALANCHE RECEIVER AND PROBE – The receiver sends signals that show where you are, so if you are underneath layers of snow, the rescuers can use their probe to locate your signal and dig you out. Every person on the slopes must carry a receiver and probe because you never know when you might have to rescue someone.
  5. AVALANCHE TRAINING COURSE – If this is your first time of going skiing, then taking basic training on how to avoid and survive an avalanche is very important.