Tornado Survival Guide

Tornadoes are a force of nature, dangerous natural events that are far more destructive than the ‘cutesy’ tornado antics we loved watching when Tasmanian Devil ran rampant in the Looney Tunes. For most of us March is a month to look forward to because of the spring season; but we also have to remember that March, is also the start of tornado season. Be sure that you are ready to leap to action the next time you hear a tornado siren blare loudly in your city. One of the worst common mistakes that you can make is to think that tornadoes won’t affect your area.

1 Lesson

In this course:

  • Preparation is key
  • Stay alert and watch for warning signs
  • Know your tornado terms and warnings
  • When the big tornado hits, take cover
  • If affected by tornadoes, find tornado relief

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